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Do you have a program coming up that discusses licensing and compliance for money services businesses and financial institutions? Do you want an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of these topics to present and inform your attendees? 

At Bates Group LLC, we specialize in Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance, and we are ready to share our wealth of knowledge and experience with your audience. Contact our team to learn more about how we can serve as keynote speakers at your next event. 

Common Events

We know a wide range of events might feature a keynote speaker on these topics, and we are prepared to present at:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Forums

If you have an event that focuses on or involves BSA/AML issues, you should look no further than our professionals to help you create a well-rounded and thorough presentation.

Common Topics

Our team can present and speak on a wide range of topics in the financial licensing and compliance field, including:

  • Requirements for state licensing as a money transmitter for a wide range of operations, and how to meet all licensing requirements in specific jurisdictions
  • Business strategy and business plan development for money services businesses
  • Examination procedures by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
  • Benefits of mock examinations and lookback reviews
  • How to develop a comprehensive BSA/AML compliance program
  • BSA/AML policy and procedure development
  • BSA/AML training and risk assessment
  • Recruiting the right BSA/AML compliance officers for different types of organizations
  • Consumer protection compliance and concerns for money services businesses
  • Benefits of having a BSA/AML consultant
  • How BSA/AML independent reviews and audits work
  • AML compliance and risk management for cryptocurrency

We can provide presentations, Q&As, and other services for your convention or program that involves BSA/AML compliance and related topics. 

Qualified and Innovative BSA/AML Leaders

If you are looking for an authority on the topic of BSA/AML compliance to present at your event or seminar, we are ready to help. Our professional consultants have a wide range of qualifications and certifications, including CAMS, CAMS-Audit, CRFM, and CRCM certifications. Members of our team previously worked as BSA/AML regulators, giving us particular insight into regulatory investigations, audits, and examinations. We are industry specialists who have experience consulting with and guiding many types of MSBs and financial institutions, and we can share that experience with your audience. 

We also work with cutting-edge operations in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry, including crypto trading platforms, crypto traders, crypto ATM operators, hedge funds, crypto exchanges, crypto-cannabis companies, and more. 

Learn More from Our BSA/AML Professionals Today

If you are presenting a program that addresses BSA/AML topics, you want keynote speakers who can best represent the industry and provide practical and reliable information for your audience. The team of professional BSA/AML specialists and consultants at Bates Group LLC, are available to help. Contact us directly for more information about our keynote speaker services, as well as the other services we offer.

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