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Nov 23rd, 2020

FinTech Pressure on Internal Audit

Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit Fintech relationships add pressure to Bank Internal Audit Departments Co-sourcing or outsourcing certain internal audits is nothing…

Nov 18th, 2020

International Fraud Awareness Week

Brandi B. Reynolds, CAMS-Audit As we make our way through International Fraud Awareness week, it’s important to recognize the impact…

Oct 29th, 2020

Cryptocurrency, Virtual Currency, or Digital Currency?

Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit I am from the south, South Carolina to be exact. To me, that sweet carbonated beverage is…

Oct 16th, 2020

Compliance Challenges Faced by the Money Services Business

Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit We all know there are challengers to ensuring compliance for any money services business (MSB). In fact,…

Sep 28th, 2020

What Is Trade-Based Money Laundering?

Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit Maybe you have heard the term, “Trade-Based Money Laundering” or TBML in the news recently. So, what…

Sep 8th, 2020

Customer Expectations in the Payments Industry

Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit & Matt Summers Industry In attempting to determine future trends in the payments industry, a good question…

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