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Jun 29th, 2020

Remittance woes will transfer from poor to rich

The pain of shrinking remittances will be shared. From tech engineers in Silicon Valley to construction crews in…

Jun 29th, 2020

Referendum on data privacy coming to California in November

It was just two years ago that California passed a groundbreaking data privacy law. Now the state’s voters…

Jun 29th, 2020

Zimbabwe suspends mobile money services amid economic crisis

Zimbabwe has blocked the majority of mobile money transactions and suspended the country’s stock exchange as it seeks…

Jun 29th, 2020

Wirecard Collapse Freezes Millions Of Online Bank Accounts: Will Customers Ever Get…

As the list of banking services that have been frozen because of the collapse of Wirecard grows longer,…

Jun 29th, 2020

Jay Clayton Leaves SEC: Crypto Industry Hopeful for Bitcoin ETF Approval

Chairman Jay Clayton is geared to leave the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after President Donald Trump…

Jun 29th, 2020

Why Illegal Trafficking in Organs is growing fast..but few are talking about…

Illegal organ transplantation is estimated to account for 5-10% of all global organ transplants, generating between USD$840 million…

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