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AML Compliance in New York

Financial enterprises need to understand New York’s anti-money laundering regulations. Violating these regulations is a major offense to society and the company and can therefore lead to significant penalties. Given how the New York Department of Financial Services is very adamant about preventing money laundering, financial companies need to ensure that they obey these laws and regulations. 

Overseeing anti-money laundering processes can be challenging for business leaders, however, given that their time is already split between many other important day-to-day responsibilities. Allow Bates Group LLC to assist you. Our team handles your AML/BSA compliance so you can focus on other matters. Reach out to us if you’d like more information about AML compliance in New York. 

Who Our Team Helps

Our talented consultants work alongside several kinds of banking institutions. Our current and past clients include: 

  • Pre-paid card providers
  • Payment processors
  • Money transmitters
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Trust companies
  • Non-banking financial institutions
  • Dealers of digital currency
  • Foreign currency exchanges

Anti-money laundering applies to many businesses. If your company falls under New York’s regulations, we can help you ensure that you fully comply with the laws by building an efficient management strategy

What We Can Do For You

Each business may need a different AML strategy to address its individual requirements. We work carefully to fully understand your team and your company’s needs to model a strategy based on what is expected from your business under AML regulations. We’ll then advise you about money laundering prevention strategies that would be optimal based on your specific requirements. 

Our consulting services encompass a range of needs, including: 

  • AML/BSA/OFAC Program Development
  • Building AML procedures and policies in your workplace
  • Training employees on AML compliance
  • Risk management
  • Acquiring and maintaining a Money Transmitter License
  • Consumer protection compliance

Our Team Is Ready to Serve You

Bates Group LLC is a talented team of AML consultants who have interdisciplinary training in money license acquisition, Bank Secrecy Act compliance and other areas that our clients need assistance with. We are committed to upholding your needs as your most trusted team for AML compliance review and management. We aim to efficientize your company by handling key operations that you may not have time for yourself. Let us help you build an effective strategy to achieve your goals. 

We are certified in CAMS, CAMS-Audit, CRCM and CFRM. Our team is comprised of former regulators and other professionals who can provide knowledgeable advice regarding AML monitoring and more. We provide the information you need to reduce the risks and ensure your company complies with New York’s regulations. 

Discover the Importance of AML Compliance in New York

Bates Group LLC wants business leaders to understand how important AML compliance in New York is to their company. We are here to provide detailed information as we help you learn about AML compliance, how to ensure your company matches the applicable regulations and ways to make your company more efficient in various logistics of your daily operations. We are here to discuss your specific needs and help you build a suitable strategy. Call us now to set up an appointment. 

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