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For money services businesses, such as banks and lending institutions, maintaining compliance with anti-money laundering, or AML, laws is essential. Failure to comply with AML regulations can result in penalties for businesses, as well as a damaged reputation. At Bates Group LLC, our AML compliance company in San Francisco offers AML compliance assistance. Reach out to us today to start designing and implementing an effective AML compliance plan. 

What Is AML?

AML, or anti-money laundering, regulations refer to a set of rules, regulations, and laws regarding money-laundering and terrorist-financing activities. AML rules are found under the Bank Secrecy Act, which sets regulations for the purpose of preventing, detecting, and responding to suspicious financial activity, including terrorist financing and money laundering. The Bank Secrecy Act applies to domestic financial institutions, foreign financial institutions with branches within the United States, and other many businesses. Consult with an expert if you have questions about whether the Bank Secrecy Act and AML compliance rules apply to you. 

The Basics of AML Compliance

The Bank Secrecy Act requires that firms implement an AML compliance program. The program must meet FINRA rules. The basic requirements of an AML program that’s in compliance with federal regulations are:

  • The program has been drafted in writing and has been approved by a senior manager (in writing)
  • The program is reasonably designed to detect and report any suspicious financial activity
  • The program is reasonably designed to achieve compliance with all Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering rules
  • The program undergoes an independent audit and testing
  • Contact information for the firm’s AML compliance program is submitted to FINRA
  • Affected and relevant personnel receive ongoing training in AML compliance
  • The program includes a procedure for developing a customer risk profile, as well as a procedure for conducting ongoing monitoring

The above are just the basic tenets of an AML compliance program. At Bates Group LLC, we’ll help to design and implement a comprehensive compliance plan. 

Why Maintaining AML Compliance Is Critical for Your Money Services Business

Having a robust AML compliance program in place helps your financial institution combat money laundering and prevent certain financial crimes. This can protect your business from financial harm. Importantly, having a comprehensive compliance program in place is also necessary to avoid any penalties, including fines and fees, that could be levied against a firm for its failure to maintain an AML compliance program. A company could face fines, sanctions, and even criminal charges brought against its personnel and executives in severe cases. 

Get Help from Our AML Compliance Company in San Francisco

At Bates Group LLC, we know that for money services businesses, implementing an AML compliance program is a necessary and unavoidable part of conducting business lawfully and effectively. When you choose our AML compliance company in San Francisco, we can help you to design, implement, test, and train employees on an AML compliance program. We pride ourselves on excellence in our work and have years of experience in AML compliance and Bank Secrecy Act compliance matters. To learn more about our AML consultants in San Francisco and how we can help, call our office today or send us a message online at your convenience. 

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